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Governance Of Arab Football: Case Studies Of Qatar And Jordan


Analyze the governance system of national or regional sport governing body 

Give examples of good and bad practice of governance in relation to the selected national or regional sports bodies. How might such bodies improve their governance practices? (FOCUS ON PRINCIPLES OF GOOD GOVERNANCE


Title: Governance Of Arab Football: Case Studies Of Qatar And Jordan
Length: 6 pages (1650 Words)
Style: APA


  • Football is the major sport in Qatar and Jordan.
  • The second popular sport in Qatar is athletics while in Jordan is basketball.
  • Sports in these two nations are managed by sports governing bodies.
  • The government is also a stakeholder in the management of the sports.
  • Governance is done on regional and national basis.
  • Football in Qatar is governed by Qatar Football Association.
  • In Jordan, the governing body is referred to as Jordan Football Association.
  • Both bodies have board of members headed by a president.


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