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Anthropology 4 Pages

Globalization Is Growing At A Fast Rate In Different Global Regions


One-up and one-down theories.

How field work define the recognization of people's action.

Globalization's structure and how it spread so fast.

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Title: Globalization Is Growing At A Fast Rate In Different Global Regions
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Globalization is growing at a Fast Rate in Different Global Regions


Globalization is one of the most imperative aspects of the modern world that no one can ignore. It is reflected in every aspect of daily life including education, business, culture, science, and technology. The modern society is a multicultural community comprising of people of different socio-cultural, economic, religious, and political affiliations and backgrounds. At the same time, the most informed people are those who can travel around the world without restrictions. This calls for the need to learn different languages and cultural practices to easily interact with people from other regions of the world. For that reason, the social culture has been one of the most significant areas of globalization. The interaction of people from different parts of the world has led to diffusion of ideas and practices in the lines of business, technology, education, and other aspects of social life, including the ideas important for economic growth. This paper argues that globalization in different regions is growing at a fast rate, especially when it comes to the diffusion of social cultures.


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