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Global Warming


Choose among the  topics below and write a research paper on it.

  • Environmental policies in [country X]
  • Ethical issues in packaging practices
  • Sustainability issues of using [material X] for packaging
  • Comparison of the environmental policies of two States, or two countries
  • Incineration as an energy source--pro and con
  • Local food--an answer to waste and pollution?
  • Recycling, Global warming, many other topics are possible.


Title: Global Warming
Length: 7 pages (1925 Words)
Style: APA


Global Warming


Global warming refers to the permanent alteration of the earth's climate through the slow but constant rise in the planet's average temperature as well as its water bodies like oceans, lakes seas and rivers. There is a high probability that these observed changes are due to the greenhouse effect.  This greenhouse effect is, in turn, largely attributed to the human activities that have persistently led to the higher levels of pollution in the environment. The earth is currently believed to be undergoing a global warming. However, this is not the first time that such an occurrence is occurring. Over many millions of years ago, there have been numerous such episodes of global warming.

There are various projected long lasting effects of the current global warming. According to Maslin (2002), these effects are poised to greatly impact on the stability of the global environment as we know it and they include; a subsequent rise in the levels of the sea, frequent flooding as well as flash floods,  higher rates of melting of the ice caps at the poles and glaciers. Additionally, there will be an observed fluctuation in the global temperatures and the levels of annual rainfalls recorded in different parts of the planet. Subsequently, other poised effects brought by global warming to the planet in the future include heightened levels of occurrence of the devastating El Niño's as well as La Niña. Furthermore, prolonged periods of drought and famine will further be observed in the drier parts of the planet, especially Africa and Middle East. Heat waves and forest fires will become a common occurrence in these areas affected by the drought and famine. Researchers believe that the current global warming began in 1950s and has been on a rise ever since.


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