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Agriculture 6 Pages

Global Food Production


Read these three books’ Chapter 4, and answer these questions. 

  • Economics of Food

1) How does cherry picking complicate the yields and available food supply?

2) When wheat supplies are damaged by weather, how does this make changes in other farm commodity prices?

3) When trade barriers get reduced, how does that affect the food markets from one country to another and even changes in local weather impacts?

  • A Billion Dollars a Day

Global Institutions and the World Trade Organization

1. What is the relationship between GATT and WTO? What are the two primary types of operations of them?

2. What is the problem caused by tariff and quota (on goods’ price and quantity) in international trade? How to solve it? List two ways and explain it.

3. What are the positive and negative effects of trade liberalization? Briefly explain them and point what is the author’s attitude on the trade liberalization.

  • Stuffed and Starved

1. Would you vote to pay more for food in order to pay farmers what they actually deserve? Even if it meant you could possibly not be able to afford it.

2. Why did the elites assume more food would prevent a civil war ?

3. In 2016, do you believe food is still used as a weapon ?


Title: Global Food Production
Length: 6 pages (1650 Words)
Style: MLA


Global Food Production

Economics of Food

Question 1

Cherry picking refers to the act of making reference to data that confirm or point towards a particular position while ignoring another set of data that contradicts that position. The available data on world crop yields suggests that high food prices arise from low crop yields across the globe. The fact that bad weather patterns in some parts of the world resulted in the variation of food prices between the 2005-2008 periods does not portray the real global picture. Food prices do not entirely depend on the weather patterns and the crop yields in different parts of the world (P. 88).


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