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Genghis Khan And His Legacy To The Western World: An Annotated Bibliography


Prepare an annotated bibliography of five (5) secondary resources that consider the influence of a historical character within the chronological parameters of this course. Each student’s choice must be unique to the class. No one will be allowed to have the same topic.

These resources should be nonfiction books (monographs) of academic standing and not a reference resource (e.g., encyclopedia) or primary source. 

Each annotation should include a bibliographic citation in MLA format and an evaluative summary of 150 words (no more or less). This should include a summary of the book, an evaluation of its merit, and how it connects to your overall argument.


Title: Genghis Khan And His Legacy To The Western World: An Annotated Bibliography
Length: 3 pages (928 Words)
Style: MLA


Genghis Khan and his Legacy to the Western World: An Annotated Bibliography 

1. Khan, Genghis, Kublai Khan, and Muslim Mongol. "The Mongols." State, Ethnicity and the Politics of Representation in the PRC.” Negotiating Ethnicities in China and Taiwan. Berkeley: Institute of East Asian Studies, University of California (2006): 125-59.

The book, like most previous books talks about the conquests of the Mongols under Genghis Khan and extends to look at the continuation of the kingdom even after Genghis Khan’s death, focusing on the rule of his son and grandsons. The book especially notes the level of tolerance that the Mongols extended to their subjects. Conquered subjects lived in peace as long as they were willing to pay tribute to the Mongols, and all major religions were tolerated within the empire (Atta-Malik 24).


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