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Genetic Engineering In Food


Talk about food that is made of genetically modified organisms (GMO) and discuss the arguments on whether it's good or bad and all the controversies around this development. 

Provide support for both sides (developers and people who think it's bad for health issues or other reasons) . Personal opinion should be provided as well. also discuss how this development is related to 'selective breeding'.


Title: Genetic Engineering In Food
Length: 7 pages (2002 Words)
Style: APA


Genetic Engineering in Food


The GMO technology is one of the most successful yet controversial technologies in the field of genetic engineering. The foods are produced from organisms following the introduction of DNA using genetic engineering techniques. The techniques allow for introduction of new traits and regulation of desired or removal of undesired traits. The sale of GMO foods started in 1994 (Christou, 2013). Some of the most successful GMO technologies have focused on large scale cash crops with huge market demand such as cotton seed oil, corn, soybean, and canola. GMO techniques are mainly done to introduce pathogenic resistance to crops as well as making some crops do well in dry areas. At the same time, the nutrient profile of some food crops has been improved using GMO techniques. The question of suitability of GM crops has raised controversy among scientists over the years. This paper discusses the history of GMO and the controversies surrounding the technology.


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