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Generational Poverty


Reflect on generational poverty, what issues do you think distinguish students from generational poverty and middle class students?

According to your opinion, what is the most aggravating problem with the current school organization from the perspective of educating all children including those from homes such as the ones Donna Beegle is writing about?


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Title: Generational Poverty
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Generational Poverty

Generational poverty is a phenomenon where families succumbs poverty for at least two generations in a cyclic notion. The generational poverty is not caused by situations such as death, divorce, or even illness, but is inherently from a generation to another with a definite cultural practice that defines its cause. This aspect includes giving no surviving ancestor with a possession of capital that can be transmitted to the descendants’ for the effort of saving them from poverty. The capital includes cultural, social, financial, opportunity networks or education. However, this paper aims at reflecting on the generational poverty by identifying the issues that distinguish the student affected by generational poverty from the students from a middle class. This is in respect and focus to the Beegle’s work on generational poverty (Beegle, 2003).

The families affected by generational poverty have limited resources or nothing at all that can support their living. They face a series of disadvantages that make it impossible for the victimized families to break the poverty cycle, thereby becoming a behavioral pattern where poverty situations are difficult to change.


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