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Gender Pay Wage Gap


Your final paper will be a literature review of any issue that deals with gender.(Issue: Gender Pay Wage Gap in work place) . Your literature review is an opportunity to gather, synthesize and analyze all the work that has been done in the field of your interest. Conducting a review of the literature on the topic of your choice will help you understand the issue in greater depth.


Title: Gender Pay Wage Gap
Length: 6 pages (1650 Words)
Style: APA



Gender pay wage gap is essentially the difference between men’s and women’s wages. The gap is measured using different methods. The mostly used method is the measure of full time, which could be weekly full time, monthly full-time or yearly full-time. The difference is then expressed as a percentage of male earnings. According to statistics in Canada 2011, in Ontario, the gender wage gap was 26% for full-year, full-time workers. In effect, this means that for every dollar $1 earned by a male, a female earns 74 cents. Further, the New Zealand Income Survey (2012) indicated that there was a wage gap of 9.3% while the gap was found to be larger for Pacifica, Maori and Asian women. In the United Kingdom data collected by the Office of National Statistics in 2012 indicated that the average pay for women working on a full-time basis was 85.1% of their male counterparts.


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