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Gender, Crime, And Justice: A Literary Analysis


The goal of this course is to examine social scientific theory and research concerning gender, crime and justice. Specific questions we will address in this course will include:

  • What is gender?
  • How can various theoretical perspectives and levels of explanation help us to understand gender better?
  • How does gender impact crime?
  • In what ways does gender impact other issues related to justice?
  • How can we use what we know about gender, crime and justice to improve our society?

Throughout this course, we will focus on the development of important skills and capacities. These skills include identifying and evaluating arguments, comparing and applying theoretical approaches, analytical thinking, developing and supporting arguments using social science research, working in small groups, presenting that work to others, and presenting individual research to others.

Assignment: “News” Stories:

Each student will be expected to present a “news” story (from print, on-line or any other media) concerning an issue relating to this course. News story presentations will take place on four class days as noted on the schedule. Students must present on the day they are assigned unless they have made other arrangements prior to their assigned date. News story presentation guidelines will be discussed in class but in general the purpose of the assignment is to explain the event featured in the news story from the perspective of theoretical perspectives covered in class and suggest ways in which this event could be effectively responded to if it is a negative event or what this event represents in terms of an improvement to society if it is a positive event.


Title: Gender, Crime, And Justice: A Literary Analysis
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: MLA


Gender, Crime, and Justice: A Literary Analysis

The news article “Judges ordered to show more mercy on women criminals when deciding sentences” by Steve Doughty, best explains the relationship of gender, crime, and justice in today’s society. The 11 September 2010 article in the Daily Mail, states that judges were ordered to show leniency for women as compared to men, when deciding sentences (Doughty, n.d.). Social agency theories explain this treatment of women as pawns who external forces, internal pressures, and traits move about. This theory depicts women offenders as women victims whom male partners lead astray. In the absence of male figures, women, especially single parents face a burden in responsibility that may push them towards committing crimes (Belknap & Holsinger 5). Just as the new guidelines in the article, social agency theories acknowledged that women are disadvantaged and many often commit crimes, out of poor health, poor education, and parental responsibility.


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