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Gender, Class, Language And Appearance In Pygmalion


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Write an essay about ( Bernard Show) "Pygmalion" . Then, Pick one passage and write down your ideas about what that passage tells you about gender, class, or language and appearance in the play



Title: Gender, Class, Language And Appearance In Pygmalion
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


Gender, class, language and appearance in Pygmalion

The play “Pygmalion” by Bernard Shaw explores the various intricacies of the traditional English societal set up. In the book, the author tries to bring out the gender prejudices present in society, the existence of societal class and the characteristics of the different class of individuals. In addition, the play explores the privileges enjoyed by individuals belonging to the royal class and the tribulations of the low class individuals. This paper will attempt to look at Bernard Shaw’s ideas on gender, class, language and appearance as presented and portrayed by the characters in Pygmalion. The passage under analysis is the First Act of the play.


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