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Psychology 3 Pages

Functions Of Attitudes


Attitudes can serve a number of different functions.

  • Do you think people really know the primary function of their attitudes? 
  • What does this suggest for how attitude functions can be measured?

Analyze, summarize, and report your study in an essay fashion and submit to the instructor via the assignment link. 

Please follow APA formatting, cover page, and references with a least 500 words (in the body of the paper).


Title: Functions Of Attitudes
Length: 3 pages (613 Words)
Style: APA


Functions of Attitudes


People usually have favorable or unfavorable attitudes toward different people or different things. An attitude can be defined as a favorable or unfavorable evaluative reaction toward something or someone, which is exhibited in a person's beliefs, feelings, or intended behavior. It is tough for people to realize the primary function and the role played by their attitudes in their lives. This is because some people do not even realize that they have an attitude about something or someone. Its takes time for an individual to discover and admit to having an attitude of something or someone. This makes it difficult for people to identify the roles played by these attitudes in their daily lives. However, an individual can be posses over a hundred different attitudes toward different things or different people. Besides, a person might love playing a certain game while at the same time hate another game. Same way person might love learning a certain topic but at the same time hate a different topic. This show how an individual


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