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Functionality Of A Car Radiator Fan


Select an everyday consumer or industrial product (laptop, blender, steering wheel, television, etc).  Identify the various components which make up the product and their functions.  Undertake research into the material used for their manufacture.  Justify the choice of material and its properties which make it suitable for the role.

  • Describe the product in detail, saying what its use is and who the product will be used by.  How frequently is the product used and what sort of environment will the product be used in? (15%)
  • Identify the individual components that make up the product and what their function is within the product.  There should be at least 4 individual components within the product. (15%)
  • Identify the material used to manufacture each of the components. (15%)
  • What are the requirements of the material for the component and how does the material used for manufacture satisfy the requirements. i.e. identify material properties and how they are suited to the function of the component and the environment they are being used in.  (15%)
  • Describe using pictures and diagrams how the component has been manufactured. Remember to reference the pictures taken from books and the internet.  (15%)
  • Can you find an alternative material which may work as well or better for the individual components? (15%)
  • Your report should be well structured and written.   The content should be organized and well referenced.  Pictures and diagrams supporting the work should be included to help the reader understand better the product and components and the materials used. (10%)

Title: Functionality Of A Car Radiator Fan
Length: 3 pages (882 Words)
Style: APA


Car Radiator Fan

Functionality of a Car Radiator Fan

A car radiator fan is a very crucial part of a vehicle cooling system. Materials used in a car fan depend on the functionality of a car. Normal consumer cars use different radiator fans than those used in race cars. Car fans are often attached to the engine of the car so that as it car’s revolution increases, so does the radiator fan. The cooling fan is normally initiated when the forward motion of the vehicle is not enough to cool the engine and thus the fan comes in to make up for the shortcoming. The material used largely depends on the performance of the car. Some car fans consist of a clutch that can engage and disengage the fan depending on the speed and temperature of the car engine. A thermostat is very common in most modern cars whereby the speed and propulsion of the fan are regulated by the engine temperature. A car fan consists of the motor which drives the fan, the fan blades and the fan shroud which envelopes the entire fan.


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