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Full Metal Jacket (1987) And Mephisto (1981) Movies


Compare and contrast the primary sources as well as provide an argument about whether the author understanding of human rights contradicted or supported each other


Title: Full Metal Jacket (1987) And Mephisto (1981) Movies
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Full Metal Jacket (1987) and Mephisto (1981) Movies

Full metal jacket (1987) movie is divided into two parts with a different look, tone and method but acted by the same characters. The movie is shot in a Marine Corps camp environment. The lead actor portrays a character of a machine that converts young and shy men into killers without conscience. The subject of racism is also very extensive. The movie portrays the major process the militants undergo through their training, to some extent exposing Vietnam where being open minded is not recognized .Full metal jacket is elaborated more by the use of combats that ends up ruining the city of Hue.


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