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Education 6 Pages

Foundations Of Language And Literacy For Diverse Young Learners


Goal: Familiarity with the professional research literature that informs early childhood educators about good practices for promoting children’s language and literacy.  
Audience: Early childhood education academic colleagues
Content: Analyze a refereed (also called peer reviewed) article about attempts to improve child language or literacy learning or development. There is a hands-on part of the project, intended to enable and demonstrate deep understanding of the instruction implemented in the article. It is not a full replication of a study. It simply calls for using materials like those used in the study being analyzed and trying to do the instruction described in the article with the assistance of at least one child confederate.
The written paper should include the following:

•an introduction of the topic about language or literacy growth and how it is addressed by the one article, including
othe purpose(s) of the article,
oa summary of the theoretical motivation for the research reported in each article,
oa summary of the background research literature the study is developed from;

•a description of the empirical base for each study, giving details about on the instruction involved, including the procedures and materials used, on the design of the study, including assignment of child subjects to different conditions as well as how data was collected, and which measures and analytic techniques were used,
on the major conclusions;

•a description of the hands-on part of your work based on the plans you made, the implementation you achieved, the results of your hands-on work with the child, and a description of what the experience led you to think about the article it was derived from;

•a conclusion about the value the article has (or does not have) for research-based instructional practices in early childhood education.

Resources:  One article from a professional journal that reports on studies of instructional research on the language or literacy growth of young children related to a topic of special interest to the student. The article is to be chosen from a structured list provided by the instructor.

Form: Use GMU email to negotiate the articles you will use with the instructor.  Identify the article with the complete APA reference for it. (Do not send an attached copy of the article.)  For the completed paper, submit in electronic form using the Blackboard assignment tool or GMU email.  Good written products generally have about 7 APA style pages.  Students will use the complete APA style expected for papers submitted for publication, including page conventions, an abstract, references and in-text citations.            

Title: Foundations Of Language And Literacy For Diverse Young Learners
Length: 6 pages (1650 Words)
Style: APA


Foundations of Language and Literacy for Young Learners

There are various steps involved in a child’s journey towards the attainment of literacy. The first of these steps is learning to watch, speak, listen and understand what is being spoken. Other attributes are mastering how to draw and, finally, write. Doing all these things requires a foundation which begins immediately at birth. For a strong literary foundation, parents are advised to sing to their children, read to them, and take part in their drawing, writing, and other intellectually helpful activities like playing board games among other things. 

Before children attain the school going age, there are various activities that help widen their mind literally and improve their thinking and reasoning abilities. These activities include playing ‘I Spy’ with their parents or older children to facilitate the learning of colours. This also involves using rhyme in speech and song to encourage the learning of different words and their meanings while also listening to both real life and fantasy stories to encourage creativity, and finally talking about anything and everything to allow for extensive learning.


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