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Forensic Mental Health


For this assessment you are required to choose a particular area of interest related to forensic mental health nursing ad explore this topic on a broader context.


Title: Forensic Mental Health
Length: 17 pages (4356 Words)
Style: APA


Challenging Behavior (Aggression and Violence)


Forensic mental health is prevalent in most nations and every state in the USA. Forensic mental health nurses operate in the most dynamic environment of all kinds. It is evident that environments around these nurses change instantaneously. Therefore, they are well advised to stay alert just in case mental health inmates or patients rioted. There have been reported cases of assaults inflicted on mental health nurses and thus great caution is required. The primary concern for the mental health forensic nurses is changing the challenging behavior of their patients. Also, nurses have to be well prepared to control all difficult behaviors such as self-harm, suicidal behavior, protest or hostage-taking behavior, aggression and violence ( Corrado, 2002).


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