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Anthropology 2 Pages

Food And Culture Discussion Questions


1- What if any connections can be made between Mead's chapter on obesity and Bordo's chapter on anorexia and bulimia. Do you agree with their conclusions? if so, Why?

2- Goody and Mintz's chapter give us historical perspectives on the development of canning and centrality of sugar respectively. How, if at all,can these two chapters help us understand the contemporary conditions of the production, circulation and consumption of food?

3- Pubic markets and their emphasis on locally grown could potentially be primary to slow food movement. What issues do you see as associated with public markets that do and do not contribute to the maintenance of local food traditions.

  • Read in Food & Culture: Mead (chapter 1); Barthes (chapter2) & Bourdieu (chapter 3)
  • Read in Food & Culture: Goody (chapter 7);
  • Mintz (chapter 8)
  • Hegemony & Difference
  • Read in Food & Culture: Williams-Forson (chapter9); Allison (chapter 12)
  • Read in Food and Culture: Slocum (chapter 15); Clark (Chapter 16)
  • Consumption & Embodiment
  • Read in Food & Culture: Bordo (chapter 18); O’Connor (chapter19)
  • Read in Food & Culture: Sutton (chapter 21); Albritton (chapter 24)



Title: Food And Culture Discussion Questions
Length: 2 pages (619 Words)
Style: MLA


Answer One 

Mead’s chapter on obesity concludes that previously, people ate food based on their nutritional needs while presently; they only eat what they desire (Counihan 26). I agree with this conclusion because researchers in food and nutrition have progressively demonstrated that the obesity rates have been on the increase over the years. It appears that food companies have come up with ways of making dietary imbalance with a good nutrition that have made the current generation become addicted to food. Many people in the current generation have been unable to balance their nutritional intakes, a factor that has contributed to increased obesity rates.


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