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Fire Protection Law

  1. Describe the basic types or elements of the American legal system as we have discussed them.
  1. Describe in some detail why it is important for members of the general public and especially for firefighters to be aware of the corporate nature of the fire departments that serve their communities and the legal relationship between the two.
  1. The legal doctrines of sovereign immunity and public duty have evolved in our legal system over the years. Using one or more of the cases that we have talked about in class describe that evolution.
  1. The NFPA Handbook lists a number of types of Fire Protection Organizations.  Describe three of them briefly.
  1. In our introductory lectures we discussed the eight (8) functions of the law as identified by Callahan. List and describe four (4) of these functions in the context of the fire service.
  1. In our introductory lecture on the history of the law and legal systems we devoted some attention to three (s) historical antecedents of our contemporary system. Please name two (2) of them and describe the nature of at least on contribution that this antecedent has had to our system.
  1. List and describe four (4) functions of administrative law.  Explain how each might be relevant to the fire service.
  1. Do you agree with the Connecticut Supreme Court’s decision in Cos Cob Volunteer Fire Co. #1 v. FOIC? Based on the facts of the case what is the basis for your opinion?
  1. In our lectures we have emphasized the critical importance of the legal concept of “delegation” to our understanding of administrative law and its applications in the fire service. Describe this important concept and provide at least two specific examples.
  1. List and describe briefly at least 5 of the steps necessary to conduct an effective internal investigation,

Title: Fire Protection Law
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


Fire Protection Law

Q1.      The constitution provides for the establishment of the federal government, conferring upon its specific powers. All powers not delegated to the federal government retains in the states, each state possessing its instruments of power. The American legal system derives law from either the constitution, statutes, common law or ordinances. The federal system of government draws power on a vertically and laterally, where vertical dimensions include federal, state and concurrent authorities. Lateral dimensions involve the separation of power between the executive, legislative and judicial arms of both federal and state governments.


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