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Financial Analysis of QuickLogic and EZchip
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Financial Analysis Of Quick Logic And E Zchip


Write a paper analyzing and comparing two campanies and their finances considering its consumers


Title: Financial Analysis Of Quick Logic And E Zchip
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Financial Analysis of Quick Logic and EZchip

Quick logic engages in developing, marketing and supporting advanced FPGA Semiconductors (Nasdaq, 2015a). The company also makes software design tool meant to achieve optimized design, speed, flexibly and costs. The products of Quicklogic allow electronic system designers to market their products rapidly in these changing markets. The company targets high-performance electronic systems such as video, telecommunications, military systems, and graphics. Quicklogic is made up of its patented ViaLink anti-use technology and pASIC architectures as its main products. The software design tools are additional solutions for the company. In contrast, the EZchip Semiconductor makes high-performance data-paths and processing solutions for data center networks used in SDN and NFB based networks (Nasdaq, 2015b). The solutions the company offers range from multi-core and network processors and intelligent network adapters. The company is a publicly traded company in the NASDZQ global market. The demand for processors has grown with the company rising 40% on the Nasdaq index. To understand the financial standing of these companies, this study will evaluate the profitability, liquidity, and solvency rations to evaluate where investors can achieve long-term benefits.

Profitability ratios


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