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Financal Quantitatve Method: Analysis Of Correlation And Beta Of The Listed Company


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The excel part in the summary part i need to compare results to this company .


Title: Financal Quantitatve Method: Analysis Of Correlation And Beta Of The Listed Company
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: APA


Financial Quantitative Method

Capital asset pricing model is a financial tool used to the expected return of asset or portfolio of assets. The model takes into account the assets or portfolio sensitivity to systematic as well as unsystematic risk. This model generally gives us the relationship between risk and securities expected return to an investor.

The dividend growth rate model is another of financial tools that gives us an inside into the behaviour of company dividends. This model is used to make predictions of forth coming dividends basing on the historical dividends paid. Other factors that are considered in this model are the pricing earnings ratios as well as the dividend per share of the company under consideration. Payment of dividends indicates the financial performance of a company in the market. A high dividend paying company is believed to be doing better relative to one paying a lower amount.


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