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Figurative Art In Ancient Synagogues


Essay proposal: I am interested in figurative art in ancient synagogues. (Muslim mosques/synagogues etc.) I will research on their distinctive features and topics. Also I will focus on few of them that seem particularly significant and research them more in depth.

Footnotes (important!!) and bibliography is required!!


Title: Figurative Art In Ancient Synagogues
Length: 6 pages (1650 Words)
Style: Turabian



Traditionally, art has been a major component of the religious buildings of many religions. Art is a part of a religion that is as mysterious and metaphoric in its use as any other form of religious paraphernalia used in the process of worship. Many religions use a diverse range of Artistic pieces to decorate their places of worship and to communicate various intrinsic messages regarding the religion. Such diversity differs from the use of sculptures, paintings, colour, interior or exterior décor, as well as other forms of artistic representations. Such art in places of worship represents various aspects of the religion, which the worshipers hold dear. In essence, the art carries profound messages regarding the nature of the religion.


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