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Write an essay on feminism.


Title: Feminism
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Feminist movements are socio-political and ideological entities whose purpose is to define, establish, and realize equal opportunities for women in regards to political, social, personal, and economic rights. For many years, women have been living under stereotypical views whereby they are made to believe that they are inferior to men. Such ideologies usually promote false perceptions such as that women need the support of men to survive in any given society. Over time, feminism came up to counter these false perceptions by asserting that women have equal rights like men. 

In particular, feminists are concerned with ensuring that equal opportunities for women are realized when it comes to education and employment (Orleck 45). Before the 20th century, women were never allowed to enrol forcertain coursessuch as engineering, law, and medicine. The perception was that technical courses were a preserve of males. Women, therefore, were only allowed to undertake courses that would only make them literate but still compel them to be under men. 

In employment, they never held positions of influence such as finance officers, chief executive officers, parliamentarians, deputy presidents, or even presidents. Through the activities of feminists, women are now allowed to compete for elective positions, including the highest offices in governments and organizations. Currently, very many women hold positions of influence in organizations. Additionally, women are presidents of some states where Liberia serves as an ideal example. Feminists further suggest that people should be judged based on their qualifications and ability but not gender or physical appearance.


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