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Literature 6 Pages

Fahrenheit 451 Literary Criticism


1.      Essay will be centered on your own interpretive claim & inform your discussion of " Fahrenheit 451" 

2.      The focus of the thesis and the bulk of your analysis of " Fahrenheit 451" have to engage with other critics’ ideas.

3.      structure the essay around your main points, but occasionally weave in/or acknowledge the sources I attached.

4.      The sources do not have to articulate or agree with your claim, nor do they have to disagree with it. Please just do your best to use the sources WITH your main idea to strengthen your thesis.


Title: Fahrenheit 451 Literary Criticism
Length: 6 pages (1650 Words)
Style: MLA


The Main Contradictions in The Fahrenheit Result from The Overuse of Technology in The Current World

 There are several benefits that have been linked with the advent of technology in the current world. It has made it possible to perform a number of processes in an effective and efficient manner. With this, it is possible for the people who use technology to make their work easier. However, this element is most of the time contradicted in the society. Instead of individuals making use of technology in the right and appropriate way, they attempt to perform various experiments and overuse it most of the time to the extent that it deviates their lives from the normal. In the end, it causes more confusion and portrays the world that is full of elements that are not real.


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