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Factors that Influence Fast Food Purchases in UAE
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Factors That Influence Fast Food Purchases In Uae



How to use excel regression solver

Read the case carefully use all the information available in the case to answer the given questions. All questions must be answered with proper explanation using theoretical relationship. Student is expected to use Excel Solver to calculate regression equation and the print out of the results to be attached as annexure. Use the results to analyze the case. 

 Case study: Estimate the demand for Pizza Firm in UAE:

Pizza HUB company in UAE one of the firm which delivers pizza and serves the major towns in UAE. The Manager of the Pizza firm knows that his customers from the cross segments by nationalities ranging from Asian expatriate community, Arab expatriates and other nationalities are rather price-conscious. Cultural factors observed among these nationalities have different characteristics towards buying pizzas, accessibility, occasions, birthday, get together and other important among the youngsters Pizza buyers in UAE pay close attention to the price charged for a home delivered pizza and the price charged by the competitor.

The manager decides to estimate the empirical demand function for the firms Pizza. Manager collects data on the last 24 months of Pizza sales from the records of the company. The details of the data collected are price that is charged for the time period and price charged by competitors. The manager also managed to collect average household income figures from the UAE statistics sources. The other competitor in Pizza range whose price is also collected, other competitors who sells fast food products in the same range is McDonald’s, therefore the manager also got the prices for Big Mac for the last 24 months from the advertisements in old newspapers. He adjusts the price and income data for the effects of inflation by deflating the currency figures using a deflator obtained from the survey of current UAE statistics website. To measure the number of buyers in the market area (N), he collected data on the number of residents in UAE. Since the number of residents had not changed much during the last 24 months, he has dropped N from the specification of the demand. The data collected is presented below:

Number of monthsQuantityPrices ofM: incomePrice of competitors  PizzaPrice of BMac


From the above data:

1. Explain Fast food buying behavior in UAE? What are the important factors, you observed while buying, influence the purchases among various nationalities in UAE.

2. Establish the regression demand equation to estimate and explain the results after running regression analysis.   ( helpful link

3. Calculate estimated demand elasticities, observe the results for price elasticity, income elasticity and cross elasticity and explain the results of elasticity under each type of elasticity and the nature of market. 

4. How are the competitors Pizza and Big Mac performing in terms of sales?

5. Estimate the demand for Pizza Hub considering price of pizza is raised to AED 33.03, incomes rise to AED 97236, the competitor’s prices rise to 36.938 and price of Big mac is 4.197.

6. Treating the months as time period forecast the demand for the 40###sup month.


Title: Factors That Influence Fast Food Purchases In Uae
Length: 4 pages (1197 Words)
Style: MLA


Question one

There are a number of factors that influence fast food purchases in UAE. These are cultural, social, personal and psychological factors. 

Cultural factors 

The cultural factors are related to the life that the people in UAE live. People will avoid some kind of food due to the influence from their relatives, family members or even friends. A good example is inviting people for a dinner at your home. Other societies will prefer visiting the home while others will consider buying visiting a certain restaurant and share the supper there. Cultural believes will prevent people from taking certain foods. For instance foods from pigs may be a taboo to Muslims. This will affect the demand of the food.

Social factors 

Social life will influence the purchasing of food by the people in UAE. The people can be influenced by the group they are living with. The people in a certain group will mostly purchase certain type of food. If a member tries to join the group, he or she will be influenced and end up consuming the type of food. These social factors will be affected by friend life groups, family as well and social roles and status.


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