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Factors Influencing Climate Change


ASSIGNMENT : Forcing Factor Influence on change


The purpose of this assignment is to increase your understanding of the forcing factors that influence climate, and more specifically climate change. As discussed in the course instructional content, a number of forcing factors influence climate and climate change. You will be asked to select one of these factors and describe the factor, focusing on how it controls the climate and climate change.

Assignment (total 20 marks)

As mentioned in the instructional content, a number of terrestrial, cryospheric, atmospheric, astronomical, and anthropogenic forcing factors were discussed. These forcing factors shape climate and can be divided into radiative and non-radiative factors. Factors include volcanic activity, snow and sea ice, cloud cover, ocean circulation patterns, solar intensity, etc. Select a single forcing factor, I chose Atmospheric factors, within Atmospheric factor: Volcanism, Aerosol, cloud type, Greenhouse gases...etc.  and write a short research paper that will address the following in the body of the paper:

  • A description of the factor (including the science behind the factor, temporal, and spatial scales in which it operates) (5 marks);( I already finish this part, I will send you my part with another attachment, I wrote 691 words already, still need 550-600 words in part 2)
  •  An explanation of how this forcing factor controls and influences the current and/or future climate change for a particular area or for a more regional focus (10 marks).

The paper should also include an introduction and conclusion. The introduction should introduce the topic to the reader, as well as having a clear thesis statement (i.e., what the paper will discuss). The conclusion should recap the main points of the paper for the reader. An additional 2 marks will be given for these sections (1 mark for each section).

The research paper should be no more than 1300 words (not including figures/graphs or references). Any information beyond the 1300 word limit will not be read and graded.

Include any figures or graphs that you think are relevant to the discussion of the historical climate event. Make sure to provide an appropriate caption and reference for the figures/graphs, and that the figures/graphs are cited properly in the text (i.e., “The temperature during the event increased (Fig.1)”.

All information used in the research paper that comes from another source must be referenced properly using an acceptable format (for more information on referencing see: Citing and Writing. This site will also provide information on writing a research paper if you are not familiar with this format. You must only use credible sources for your paper (Wikipedia or any encyclopedias, as well as personal websites are not credible sources).

An additional 3 marks will be given for the style of the paper. This includes spelling, grammar, sentence and paragraph structure, as well as overall presentation.


Title: Factors Influencing Climate Change
Length: 2 pages (740 Words)
Style: APA


Factors Influencing Climate Change

Atmospheric conditions are known to influence both the macro and the microclimate of an area. Changes in the atmospheric conditions have been associated with an increase in global temperatures that in turn lead to climate change. However, atmospheric factors have been known also to affect the climate of an area or region.


 Tiny particles suspended in the air often can be from natural sources or can be induced by human activities. Aerosols are present in the atmosphere but in small quantities. However, an increase in the concentration of these aerosols can have a significant negative impact on the climate of an area. For instance, an area with many large industries may experience an increase in the concentration of aerosols from the gasses released from these industries (Ramanathan & Feng, 2009).


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