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As you know from reading about Jane Hill's research on "Mock Spanish" (Ahearn, chapter 10), Hill argues that "Mock Spanish" usage (see chapter 10 for details) ends up racializing Spanish speakers, regardless of whether it has been the intention of the person using "Mock Spanish" or not. Rather, argues Hill, the usage is racist because it feeds into racializing ideologies and social institutions that support them. What do you think?


Title: Extra Credits
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Just like the other anthropologists, the linguistic anthropologist has now made education with its own implicit assumption regarding confrontation with the ignorance, which has been their core antiracist strategy. In an attempt to inoculate the students against the briefs regarding primitive languages, linguistic deprivation or the idea of bilingualism is inevitably seditious. It has been, after a couple of years where anthropologists have offered far less consideration to the racism as being, an object of the cultural investigation than most of our disciplines. However, we are returning to the work which honours as well as advances out own antiracist heritage. Racism is an issue that should be as central as a question for research in the cultural anthropology. This is because race has been constituted in the biological anthropology.


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