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English 101 3 Pages

External Barriers To Success People Routinely Face.


In a thoughtful and well-written essay , explain what external barriers to success people routinely face.


To be successful, we need to have a growth mindset, strong work ethic, and gritty attitude. There are times, however, when we have done all we could and still experience barriers to success. Racism, sexism, family, uncooperative people, and many other factors can impede us from reaching our goals. In "Chicago," the second section of Dreams from My Father, Barack Obama struggles to be successful as a Community organizer. He faces many external barriers but keeps a positive attitude to overcome these challenges.


  • "Why We Have TOO Few Women Leaders" by Sheryl Sandberg (TedTalk video)
  • "The problem We All Live With" by Nikole Hannah-Jones (This American Life podcast)
  • "Chicago" from Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama


Barack Obama, Mah'ria Martin, and Sheryl Sandberg all struggle with external barriers to success. Even though these people are incredibly bright and hardworking, outside factors got in the way of their goals.

In a thoughtful and well-written essay , explain what external barriers to success people routinely face.

Link to video



  • Minimum of 3-5 pages
  • Include an introduction and a conclusion
  • Must use the quote sandwich method to support your argument
  • Typed, double-spaced
  • MLA format, including header and heading
  • Must submit a digital copy Of your essay to


Title: External Barriers To Success People Routinely Face.
Length: 3 pages (901 Words)
Style: MLA


The External Struggle

Women are the major victims of barriers to success. The presentation by Sheryl Sandberg is a good example of the barriers that women face as they struggle to attain success. As Sandberg narrates, the modern workplace has the problem of unfair representation of women. Most of the senior positions in government and the private sector are occupied by men around the world. This makes women feel inferior and some may even fear that their performance in these positions may be doubted (YouTube). This is an external barrier that prevents women from going up their way to success. Considering the duties and responsibilities that come with raising a family, many women prefer remaining in junior positions than being promoted to positions that may hinder their relationship with their children and the family.Sandberg explains this with the emotional response of her daughter who tried to convince her not to board the plane to the conference. She recounts that women are the closest to their children and always want to be close to them. For that reason, having a family is a challenge to success. One would have to think about the family while in the workplace, something that significantly interferes with the work commitments.


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