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External Analysis For A Telecommunication Company


Assume you are a Mobile Telecommunication Company who manufacturing and selling mobile phones and you want to expand your business in three markets: Asia market, USA market and Europe Market

Mainly the research should discuss about External Environment Analysis in Strategic Management, which should include the following two main Analysis:

Macro-Environment Analysis 

  • Political 
  • Environmental 
  • Social 
  • Technological 
  • Legal 
  • Economical 

Micro-Environment Analysis 

  • Power of Supplier 
  • Power of Customer 
  • Threats of New Entries 
  • Threats of Substitute 
  • Power of complements 

Use the Two Analysis: PESTLE and Five Forces to evaluate external environment analysis to expand the business on the mentioned target markets. Include in-text citation and examples in each market to support the research.


Title: External Analysis For A Telecommunication Company
Length: 10 pages (2989 Words)
Style: APA


External analysis for a Telecommunication Company

Introduction to the Company and the Industry

The company under review deals with the manufacture and sale of mobile phones. Due to the need for globalization, the company management wishes to expand its operations to the US, Europe, and Asian markets. While all the three markets have established mobile phone brands, there are various marketing factors that impact the adoption of a new brand in the market. The three markets also have a mobile phone brand they manufacturer, a factor that threatens the introduction of new mobile phone brands in their markets. The expansion requires a comprehensive understanding of the three markets to help in market penetration. This paper discusses the PESTLE and Five forces analysis of the three markets for the suitability of the sale and manufacture of mobile phones.

Asia Market

Pestle Analysis

Political Factors

Government Regulations

The major political factors that impact the Asian market, especially China, include government regulations and legal issues. There are both formal and informal rules in Asia that organizations must follow. The governments in Asia have, in the last few years, focused on e-commerce and the development of technology (Newlands & Hooper, 2009). This emphasis makes the Asian market have a favorable political environment for the manufacture and sale of mobile phones.

 Economic Factors


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