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Philosophy 2 Pages

Exploratory Essay


Explanatory Essay


To get you to closely read (perhaps reread 3 or 4 times) a text from the course. Then, based on your reading to explain its main argument to your reader. A good explanation paraphrases the text’s argument.


Your audience is an interested reader who has not read the text and would like to understand why there is still racism in the US. You are writing for someone who doesn’t have much of a background in philosophy, but really wants to understand the argument you are explaining.


Choose the text that has most interested you so far. You are welcome, encouraged even, to use the text you outlined for the outline assignment and/or the text you used for the worksheet. Identify its main argument (or one of its main arguments, if there is more than one), and explain it for your reader.

Be sure to include an introduction that clearly states for your reader the title of the text you are explaining, the author of that text, and the specific argument you will be explaining in your paper.

Be sure to explain the argument you have chosen in clear prose for your reader in the body of your paper. Organize the paper into paragraphs that each have a main idea that helps explain the argument. The paragraphs should be organized into a logical order that helps your reader understand the argument.

Be sure to conclude the paper with a paragraph that recaps the argument you have explained. This paragraph is your opportunity to tie together the different parts of the explanation you have given and restate the argument you have explained.


2-3 pages


Double spaced

Use a 12-point font.

Supply a bibliography, even though you will only refer to one text.

Cite your sources using whichever style you prefer. ( Chicago )


Title: Exploratory Essay
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: Turabian



Femininity is the natural state of being a woman or female. It follows that feminism is the act of women advocating for equal rights with men on grounds of political status, social standing and economic status. The feminist ideology has been subject to debate due to the claims it puts forward; asserting that women are exclusively equal to the men. This essay will explore how femininity is at risk as modern women want to be treated the same as men. It will be based on the article The Second Sex.


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