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Existing Barriers In The Healthcare Arena Limit Aprn Practice


Describe the Existing Barriers in the Healthcare Arena Limit APRN Practice.


Title: Existing Barriers In The Healthcare Arena Limit Aprn Practice
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Existing Barriers in the Healthcare Arena Limit APRN Practice

Advance Practice Nurses have a great impact in the delivery of healthcare in our days. Beside this fact, APNs role and competency are facing barriers that do not permit the complete application of knowledge and competency. A review of four article related with the topic will be analyze to understand the origin of the barriers and the possible implications.

Annotated bibliography

Gutchell, V., Idzik, S., & Lazear, J. (2014). An Evidence-based Path to Removing APRN 

Practice Barriers. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 10(4), 255-261.

The purpose of the study in the article under review is to analyze the barriers that nurse practitioners encounter in the field of practice that limit their ability to comprehensively meet the patient needs. The authors prioritize on the aspect of the removal of practice barriers. The study reviewed that there is a need for legislative changes at various governmental levels because the practice nurses are facing legislative battles in various states. The authors report the evidence- based policy change strategies in a quantitative study involving twenty-one nurses in nine states that were involved in the legislative measures to remove practice barriers. The nurses were interviewed on the matter that concerns the issue of barrier removal in nursing practice and their views put into considerations.


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