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Excel Exam Feedback


After you sit your Excel In-Class Exam AND prior to leaving the lab room, please post a discussion post that addresses the following:

Provide a listing of topics that you feel should be included/removed from this exam

Explore how MyITLab SIM content helped or hindered your ability to sit this exam

State if you attended the Excel Exam presentation demonstration given during lecture

Answer the question "do you believe there was a correlation between SIM training and lecture demonstration to that of the exam content and structure

Please DO NOT discuss:

Exam content

Question types


Nor, post a copy of the entire exam here in full view

This is a required post that is ONLY ACCEPTED the day of your exam.


Title: Excel Exam Feedback
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


Excel Exam Feedback

Provide a listing of topics that you feel should be included/removed from this exam.

The following topics should have been included in this exam: Relative and Absolute referencing, Excel Limitations and Not designed to be used collaboratively.
Relative and Absolute Referencing

There are three types of references that can be used in Excel: Relative, Absolute and Mixed. Referencing ensures that the user is using correct formulas in the work sheet and these formulas can work as expected when copied to another location within the spreadsheet.


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