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Examining The Languages Scala, F#, Go, And Dart


Examine the languages Scala, F#, Go, and Dart. These are all newer languages that were not in the Genealogy of Languages diagram.


Title: Examining The Languages Scala, F#, Go, And Dart
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: APA



Scala is an object-oriented, functional paradigm programming language although to some it feels like a scripting language. This is because of its low ceremony and syntax, and its types can be put aside since a compiler can infer the types. It is the preferred workhorse when carrying out mission-critical server system as implemented by companies like LinkedIn, Twitter and Intel. It runs on the Java virtual machine, and Android and its classes can be freely mixed with that of Java. In the genealogy of programming languages, it is on the based on Java. What makes it stand out is its ability to employ synchronous and concurrent processing, distributed processing and parallel utilization of several cores in the cloud. Scala falls under Java in the chart.


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