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Management 6 Pages



Part of an event producer’s role is to ensure their own relevance to
culture and arts,and to be aware of upcoming cultural activities that
may influence the events industry. The events industry can be influenced
by current movie releases, theatre, music, art, sport, culture, food
trends and fashion. For your assessment task, research a past trend and
predict a future trend, and present your findings in the following way:

  1. Research - Conduct research across 5 different sources of information
    regarding the current art scene in Sydney.
  2. Research – By referencing current and past issues of industry
    magazines such as Micenet and Spice, Identify one event that has taken place in the last 12 months that has adopted a theme to enhance the purpose of the event. 
  3. Predict - Source 1 current art and culture magazine available at the
    newsagent, and identify an article that provides artistic/cultural
    inspiration for an event concept/theme.
  4. Create – Re-package this event idea as a fresh and unique concept. Give an original name for this theme.
  5. Design – Inspired by the site visit to Sydney props, create a concept
    page that shows graphically how all 5 senses will be explored through
    this unique concept you have developed.
  6. Job Roles – Referencing page 82 of the prescribed text, provide a
    hierarchical structure, with you as the event producer at the top,
    showing what suppliers you may need to engage to make an event happen
    with the theme created.

Title: Event
Length: 6 pages (824 Words)
Style: APA




Sydney boasts of a diverse culture among its residents due to the factor of immigration. The diversity of culture in Sydney is made up of the individual cultures of the people; it focuses on culture, linguistics, ethnicity, artistry and the religious communities that came up as a result of the wave of immigration in the city. Sydney is a global city that holds numerous events all year round. These events could either be musicals, visuals, theatricals, and other artistic activities. However, there is s a stiff competition between Sydney and Melbourne on which is city is regarded as the arts capital. In this essay we would look at the current state of the future of Sydney’s art scene.


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