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Evaluating Human Behavior Within Organizations


Begin your well-written paper with a short overview of the case study. After providing an overview of the case study, break down the actions taken by Nokia leadership to re-examine the company’s values and explain why this approach was so successful.  

Focus on how the strategies (including leadership, communication, and decision-making) employed by Nokia leadership demonstrated an understanding of human behavior. You should also include a discussion of how these strategies functioned across global and cultural divides. Be sure that your paper contains a conclusion that draws your discussion together.


Title: Evaluating Human Behavior Within Organizations
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: APA


Evaluating Human Behavior within Organizations

Human resource plays an imperative role in making an organization competitive. Assefa, Garfield, and Meshesha (2014) state that the formulation and execution of organizational decisions fully rely on the cooperation of employees. Perhaps, the case study on Nokia’s human resource strategic decisions is a true reflection of how human behavior can influence a firm’s success, both in local and in global markets.


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