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Paragraph 1: How do you define euphemism? Make a list of three euphemisms for something people do not like to talk about directly. For each euphemism, give an example (real or hypothetical situation).

Paragraph 2: Watch this Friends video clip again (the one we watched in class). What does it reveal about the difference in how men and women communicate? Are there things that men could learn from how women communicate? What might the women learn?

Paragraph 3: What listening style best suits you: experiential, auditory, or visual listener (p. 107)? Define your listening style and give an example demonstrating your listening style.

Paragraph 4: Do you ever hold more than one conversation at a time--for example, texting with a friend while also chatting online? Discuss an experience where you were able to listen well or not listen well in this situation? What is lost when holding two conversations at once? What might be gained?


Title: Euphemism
Length: 2 pages (578 Words)
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 Euphemism refers to polite expressions often used indirectly in place of harsh phrases or words that may be termed as being unpleasant to talk or hear. They are mostly used in public or even formal meetings as they promote politeness. They can also be used when addressing a sensitive audience such as senior citizens or children. This not only applies to one on one conversations but also to writers who may sometimes wish to hide unpleasant words or phrases in their writing by using such idiomatic expressions. This masking of words not only hides the harshness of the words, but it also saves the writer or the speaker the embarrassment of having to deal with any kind of rudeness that may appear.


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