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Ethics Is Ethics Wherever You Go! Right


Compare and contrast the ethical concerns of the social scientist researcher in underdeveloped countries with those of the U.S. military  in those same countries. You will need to find at least two additional  resources, beyond what is in the module, to support your ideas and  observations in your initial post of 250+ words.


“Ethical issues in social science research in developing countries:
Useful or symbolic” Author: Mollet, J.A. [PDF File Size 122.46 KB]

ASA Code of Ethics retrieved from ASA Code of Ethics

Annual Ethics Training 2013 

  • All posts and responses must comply with all Excelsior College policies, be polite, respectful and contribute substantially to the conversation we will be creating.
  • After you have read the articles and visited the websites included in this module, compose your initial response to these questions based on  your ideas and the resources you have located to support them.
  • How do the professional ethics of social scientists compare to those of the military?
  • There are special considerations when dealing with peoples from different cultures, especially in underdeveloped countries. 
  • How are the situation and ethical challenges faced by social scientists alike and/or dissimilar from those of military professionals working in these  countries?

Title: Ethics Is Ethics Wherever You Go! Right
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: APA


Ethics is ethics wherever you go! Right?

Question 1

The American Sociological Association Code of Ethics has a primary goal of ensuring the welfare and protection of those people or groups that sociologists work with. As a result social scientists are expected to practice professional competence which calls upon the social scientists to maintain a high level of competence in their work (Mollet, 2012). In their work, social scientists have to address and adhere to the ethical boundaries set for them. In cases where a social researcher has to conduct research that involves human subjects, they have to apply for an ethical clearance to ensure respect and minimal harm to the subjects.


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