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Ethics In Budgeting


Review the case study, “Conflict Between Doing Well and Doing Good?” found in this week’s Resources.

Formulate a brief response for each of the seven questions listed at the end of the case study. In addition, comment on some potential consequences of unethical behavior in budgeting. Find examples in the news to demonstrate the consequences.

Formulate a set of issues which might be appropriate to address in ethics training for supervisors and managers who encounter and work with organizational and department budgets. How might such training avoid the situations encountered in the case study?


Title: Ethics In Budgeting
Length: 1 pages (482 Words)
Style: APA


Ethics in Budgeting

A Company that ventures into a project identifies its value if it aims to solve an existing problem for the company Tools used to evaluate the value of a project include net present value and equivalent annual annuity(Schill & Bruner, 2014).

Production of ethanol for Merrick and company is the company’s incremental cash flow. The initial outlay will be 15% of Coors brewing company revenues (Rabe & Kwok, 2010). This project benefits includes reusing 95% of waste removed from used yeast. Cost of labor and materials will increase over time because of this project


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