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Psychology 3 Pages

Ethics Awareness Inventory


Prepare a  825 word summary of your findings from the Ethics Awareness Inventory.

Discuss the role and importance of personal ethics in psychology, principles, and the Code of Conduct.

Discuss how ethics can affect how you will apply psychological principles to personal, spiritual, social, and organizational issues.

Assess how ethics affect psychological knowledge and principles related to personal growth, health, and development.

Analyze advantages of psychology as a degree choice. How do ethics play a role in your decision to pursue a degree in psychology?

Make sure the conclusion is added.


Title: Ethics Awareness Inventory
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: APA


            There are several approaches through which people view ethics. However, most base on character, results or obligation. According to the Ethics Awareness Inventory character best shows someone’s ethics (The Williams Institute of Ethics and Management, 2011). Although many agree the division between right and wrong, conflict does arise. This comes about when people face of whether to do what is ethically right or what is morally right. The set ethical standards seem short of certain virtues, which when one possesses may achieve moral excellence. The need for one to comprehend ethics remains crucial because the application goes on in almost all life aspects.


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