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Ethics Analysis Worksheet


In this assignment you will analyze Grohol's blog entry, "The Debilitating Effects of TV on Children." In your analysis, you will be describing the author's purpose, point of view, arguments, assumptions, and the evidence he presents for his arguments and assumptions. Use the Elements of Thought wheel to help guide you in considering these various elements of thought.

As you read the article consider:

The reason (purpose) the author has for writing the article. Think about why he is interested in the topic. What is the problem he is addressing and who is his audience—who does he want to influence?

Note the assumptions the author appears to be making. Think in terms of what he has to take for granted in order to proceed with his thoughts on the subject.

What is his point of view on the subject?

What arguments does the author make for his point of view? Think about the main points he presents that support why he thinks and feels the way he does about children viewing TV.

What evidence does he use to support both his assumptions and arguments? Does he present research, information from other experts, factual discoveries of his own, or examples? What assumptions does the author make for which he does not present evidence?

Complete the Article Analysis Worksheet (linked in Resources) and submit it for grading to your instructor.

The article: The debiliating effects of tv on children


Title: Ethics Analysis Worksheet
Length: 1 pages (437 Words)
Style: APA


Ethics Analysis Worksheet

Analysis Components

 Article Reference

Grohol, J. (2009). The debilitating effects of TV on children [Blog post]. Psych Central. Retrieved from
The main purpose of this article is…
The main purpose of this article is to inform parents, teachers, guardians, and other people involved in child care the negative effects of TV on children. The goal is to influence parents to reduce the number of hours that their children are exposed to television. The desired outcome is better academic performance as children focus on other things of importance other than TV. 

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