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Ethical Leadership


Chapter 11: Ethical Leadership (from Worksheet 11.4)

For this post:
Respond to "Reflection" question: 1
Respond to "Action" question: 2
Remember to include specific examples and concept from textbook.
Chapter 12: Obstacles (from Worksheet 12.4 )
For this post:
Respond to any one question of your choice from worksheet 12.4. (page. 345)
And lastly - what is your biggest take-away from this class? What have you learned that you feel will help you become an even stronger leader? NOTE: This question is important to answer as it will help prepare you for your final project, so give your response careful consideration.
For this question you can talk about listen to out-group members (chapter 9) or any chapter you want.
Please label and number your answers. Write clearly and accurately, and include appropriate page numbers for reference. In-text citation is required            

Title: Ethical Leadership
Length: 1 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


Ethical Leadership

Ethical Leadership Response to “Reflection” Question 1 Leaders have a responsibility to use their authority for the common good. Do you agree? Discuss. Yes, I agree that ethical leaders have the moral responsibility to use their authority in a dignified manner for the common good. The core function of a leader is to influence his or her followers who look upon him or her for guidance and support. Some of the followers aspire to be leaders in the future and are bound to practice only what they see from their leaders. If the latter cannot influence the fommer in a positive manner for the common good, then followers are likely not to do the right things in the right ways and for the right reasons. The world can only be a better place if leaders are just, fair, and humane (Northouse, 2008, p. 298).


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