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Ethical Issue In Marketing In Australia


Ethical issues in Marketing

Ethical issues are becoming concern to many consumers group and government.  Identify 2 to 3 articles from the list below only and discuss what the recent ethical issues in Marketing in Australia are?

Research atleast 2 to 3 articles on the topic from the following sources:

  • Sydney Morning Herald
  • The Australian
  • Asia Business Review Weekly 
  • Fortune
  • BOSS
  • Choice 
  • Australian Marketing Journals

Please only use these sources articles and it should be regarding ethical problem in Australia.


Title: Ethical Issue In Marketing In Australia
Length: 2 pages (110 Words)
Style: MLA


Ethical Issue in Marketing in Australia

Ethical issues are by fast becoming a major concern for most business entities. Observance of the obligations to the stakeholders of the firm is becoming a serious problem especially in Australia, which has a fast developing economy. Since ethics determines the reputation of the company through the face of the public, it is increasingly becoming important that enterprises present themselves as law-abiding entities. In this respect, in as far as marketing is concerned, a firm ought to adhere to marketing regulations within its particular jurisdictions. Paths chose in this specific context often define the company for an extended period. The customers will either appreciate the noble gestures of the business or condemn the activities undertaken by the firm. However, some companies are yet to indulge in the practice. Often, they are yet to decide whether to acknowledge such obligations.

Some scholars assume that most of the global financial crises being experienced arise from problems of ethical thinking (Osborne 1). With ethics playing an important role in determining critical decisions, at times affecting large amounts of money, silly mistakes are costly. Deliberate lapses in ethical capacity have often led to societal losses in addition to financial losses. As such, it is important to observe  business ethics be as an important element that ought to be passed across. Considering that most career syllabuses do not teach moral decision-making, it is imperative that individuals make particular efforts at acquiring the skills, as they are crucial in the business frontier. The few curriculums that may provide such opportunities should be pursued diligently.


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