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Ethics 4 Pages

Ethical Dilemma In Nursing


Choose an ethical dilemma from a peer reviewed nursing article or Nursing Journal in a healthcare setting? (Ethical Dilemma i.e. can be an advanced directives for patients, medical/medicare, next of kin, patient/family differences)

  1. How does the dilemma affect nursing?
  2. What are the main moral issues raised in the situation?
  3. Discuss two bioethical principals as they relate to the ethical dilemma.
  4. Based on personal, group, and societal moralities, identify the value of non-maleficence
  5. Describe non-maleficence with the morality of a group or society you are currently living.

Title: Ethical Dilemma In Nursing
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: APA


A lady aged forty years was diagnosed with a breast lump that was malignant. The doctor who was attending to her resolved to a mastectomy as the best option in the lady’s condition. It was evident that the lady was hard struck by the news of the breast malignant. She kept weeping the whole night up to the following day. It was hard for her to digest that the lump was malignant. Mastectomy was not a relief to her either. The sister in charge of the ward strived to console her for at least two hours. A nurse was assigned to attend to the patient in preparation for the mastectomy that was scheduled for the following day. By that evening, the lady seemed to have come to terms with her condition and could at least discuss her treatment although with tearful disruptions (Wilson-Barnett, 1986).


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