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Ethics 2 Pages

Ethical Decisions


Video Case Assignment Form

End Game

Instructions:  Please answer the questions below.  The length of your video case assignment form responses should be approximately one page, single spaced.  This form will be graded on a pass/fail basis.  To pass, you need to provide reasonably detailed and insightful answers to the questions below. 

1.  After part one of the video case, Julia is confronted with a decision: Should she turn left, into town, and report the accident to the police?  Or should she turn right and go home?  What do you think is the most ethical decision?

2.  After watching the second part of the video case (i.e., “part 3), do you think you made the right choice for Julia?  That is, does part 3 change anything for you?

3.  Please indicate whether your decision in 1. is more consistent with utilitarianism or universalism, and explain why.



Title: Ethical Decisions
Length: 2 pages (642 Words)
Style: MLA


Ethical Decisions

Ethical actions involve making the right decisions when faced with tricky situations.. In such case, an individual can only act either ethically or unethically. In fact, every person should act morally even when no one is watching. In this case, the most ethical decision that Julia should have undertaken was to turn left and head toward the town and report the incident to the police station. By applying the universalism theory of decision-making, it would be ought to decide that engaging the police is the best decision to make for her in this case. Additionally, Julia is an example of a person who is just, fair and morally upright in terms of the principles of the society.  By refusing to report about the accident to the police, she violates the standards of principles and ethics. Besides, the decision to turn left and go home and remain silent on the matter seems unfair to the family of Nick de' Angelo, the victim who lost his life on the highway.


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