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Ethics 2 Pages

Ethical Business Vs Scam


Discuss how Aristotle would analyze the ways in which Rice and Cristina are not morally

virtuous. As a background to your discussion, be sure to explicitly discuss Aristotle’s doctrine of the mean and its foundations. Then, apply these ideas to an analysis of Rice and Cristina. How would Aristotle view Rice’s credulity? That is, how would he view his readiness to believe questionable claims? Put an answer to this question into ethical context. How would Aristotle view Cristina’s “psychic” business? Think specifically of justice. With an eye to becoming more virtuous, what steps do you think Aristotle would recommend for both Rice and Cristina? In your answer, keep in mind that producers and consumers are both necessary parts of the commercial relationship.


Title: Ethical Business Vs Scam
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


Ethical Business vs Scam

Michael Wilson reported an interesting and informative story in the New York Times. It is about a gentleman who gave several dollars to psychics. Psychics are individuals who assert to use mystical insight and perception to recognize information concealed from the typical senses. To be precise, the man gave $ 718, 000. However, this resulted in a milestone occurrence in his life. Unfortunately, he got sacked. Furthermore, this led to various transformations in his life. Some of the alterations are undesirable while others are constructive. Here, Aristotle’s doctrine of the mean and it foundations can be used to expound on various incidences in this story. The paper thus seeks to expound and analyze the story with respect to Aristotle’s doctrine of the mean and its foundations.


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