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English 101 3 Pages

Essay Reflection



For Part 1 of your fourth and final essay / final exam, you will choose one of the 3 essays you already submitted this semester and answer the following questions in reference to the essay you choose. Please number your responses so it's clear what question you're answering. For Part 2, you will focus on revising or rewriting a body paragraph from a previous essay.

Part 1

  1. How was this essay successful? (2-4 sentences)
  2. How did this essay fall short? (2-4 sentences)
  3. What writing techniques that we learned this semester (thesis, topic
    sentences, etc.) did you use in this essay? Do you feel you were
    successful at employing these techniques? (2-4 sentences)
  4. If you had to, how would you revise this essay? Are there any
    different techniques you'd try to employ? Would you try to refine a
    technique you already used in the piece? (2-4 sentences)
  5. How do you feel this essay ranked among the essays you submitted
    this semester? Was it your strongest? Weakest? Why? (2-4 sentences) (2-4 sentences)

Note: You want to answer these questions as clearly and honestly as possible.

Part 2

Taking in mind what you wrote for part 1, write one new body paragraph
for the essay you focused on in part 1. You can take one of two
approaches to this:

  1. have this body paragraph focus on something you didn't get around to focusing on in your previous draft, or
  2. completely rewrite a body paragraph from the previous draft, focusing on the same topic but writing about it in a new way.

Please make sure to follow the body paragraph guidelines from prompt and essay map for the essay you choose.


Title: Essay Reflection
Length: 3 pages (835 Words)
Style: MLA


Essay Reflection

Part 1

The essay was successful because it highlighted and informed the benefits of fruits and vegetables in the diet. This can be noted from the examples given in the essay and the lengthy explanations made about fruits and vegetables. By focusing on the same subject of discussion from the beginning to the end of the essay, the paper puts weight on the issue that makes the reader analyze it with much interest. The essay also successfully delivered its message by making use of examples drawn from common fruits and vegetables that are known to everyone. 

The essay fell short by failing to consider the issue as a general problem by considering it at the personal level. The writer uses personal pronouns such as ‘I’ and ‘me.’ This makes the paper lose the focus of a research study. Another weakness of the essay is that it does not have a topic sentence and a thesis statement. The writer goes directly to answering the essay question without giving a general introduction.


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