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Essay On What Obama Should Do In His Final 300 Days In Office


Discuss what you think Obama should do in his final 300 days in office,

what you expect him to do, be rational, what Obama should be doing.

You can make something up from your own and also you can mention how he
should make an organization that will help students who graduate with
high loans help them get jobs etc.


Title: Essay On What Obama Should Do In His Final 300 Days In Office
Length: 2 pages (660 Words)
Style: MLA


President Obama’s Final Year in Office

President Obama has been in power for the last seven years, with his reign being a relatively successful one. Despite the challenges that his government has faced, it would be unfair to rate his performance poorly. Amongst his greatest achievements is the way he spearheaded the anti-terrorism campaign that culminated with the killing of Osama bin Laden, the leader of the global terrorist group Al-Qaeda. Despite the resistance from the opposition, his medical insurance scheme dubbed the “Obamacare” has helped in transforming the way Americans access healthcare services (Cheng 27). As he approaches the final year in power, President Obama should focus on his legacy and initiate a few programs for which Americans can always remember him.


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