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Essay On The Madonna Art Work


A research paper on Madonna Artwork


Title: Essay On The Madonna Art Work
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Visual art represents one of the oldest forms of art whereby people are inspired and create objects or images like sculptures, photography, printmaking, and painting. The architecture of this art is usually motivated by their beliefs, culture and the society they dwell. Some of their work are out of imagination while others are images of something they have seen or heard about.  The artists demonstrate the high level of technical skills which are later appreciated for their emotional power and their beauty. Some artists put all their energy into religious art which is sometimes referred to us the sacred art using motifs and religious inspiration with the primary intention of uplifting the minds of faithful. They are typically employed in churches and sometimes the faithful carry the artwork to their dwelling place where they see them daily. Sacred arts encompasses cultic and ritual practices, operative and functional characteristic of the path of their spiritual recognition within the architects' religious tradition


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