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Essay On Teen Pregnancy


Paper: Write a paper focusing on a current issue relating to a social problem teen pregnancy.

The paper will be based on data analysis on the topic. Thus, your paper will have the following sections:

  1. Intro: illustrate on your paper including your thesis; (10%)
  2. Historical framework of the issue (10%);
  3. Political context of the issue (10%);
  4. What are the contributing factors to your issue? (name five factors with rationales, and elaborate on them) (10%);
  5. Present the findings of your data with interpretation (inform the reader about your data, and analysis) (25%);
  6. Conclusion (summarize the paper in assessing your thesis) (10%);
  7. Citations & Reference Page: Include at least five scholarly references (i.e. journal articles or books based on strong research, not mere websites) from outside sources in your research. (10%);
  8. Mechanics and Grammar (10%);
  9. Style & Readability: 5%.

Title: Essay On Teen Pregnancy
Length: 3 pages (985 Words)
Style: APA


Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy can be literary described as the pregnancy of women and girls who are between the ages of thirteen and nineteen years. In practical terms, most people use this phrase to refer to pregnancies by girls who are below the legal maturity age of eighteen years and above 15 years. In the recent years, it is becoming a less frequent phenomenon in the country to see under-aged girls bearing pregnancies as compared to the previous decades. This has, however, not lessened the rampant communal, governmental and even non-governmental organizations’ campaigns to either prevent such pregnancies or even curb them that have been there for quite some time now. With the advent of modernity, intimacy has lost much of the privacy and strictness that the society enjoyed before civilization. For this reason, among a few others, the number of people who practice sex at these tender ages has continued to increase by each day. Despite this rise in the practice of underage sex, the rate of teenage pregnancies has considerably gone down.


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