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Philosophy 3 Pages

Essay On Socrates As Gadfly



Short Essay Question – The Nature of Philosophy: 

In Apology, Socrates refers to himself as a gadfly. Explain how this metaphor is considered to be characteristic of the discipline of philosophy and its relationship with other academic and intellectual pursuits. Explain Socrates’ argument for his assertion that “the unexamined life is not worth living.” Do you agree with Socrates’ conclusion? Explain why or why not. (70 marks.) Logic questions – You should try to limit yourself to two or three paragraphs per answer for each of these questions. 

1. Explain the difference between an invalid deductive argument and a strong inductive argument. Why is it correct to consider one to be a “good” argument and the other one a “bad” argument? (10 marks.) 

2. The following argument is deductively invalid. Indicate the form, or structure, of the argument, and provide your own counterexample (i.e., an example with all true premises and a false conclusion) that clearly shows the invalidity. (10 marks.) 

3. All cynical people are disgruntled. Some meticulous people are cynical. Therefore, some disgruntled people are not meticulous. The following statement represents the conclusion for an argument. The statement is expressed in the form of two alternatives. Select one of the alternatives and think of as many reasons as you can in support of that alternative. With the alternative you have selected and the reasons you thought of, construct an argument with the alternative you selected as the conclusion and your reasons as premises. 

Make your argument as clear and convincing as possible for a person who doesn’t accept the alternative you chose as a conclusion. (i.e. when grading this question that is the position I’ll be adopting.) The possession, ownership, and sale of handguns should/should not be outlawed.


Title: Essay On Socrates As Gadfly
Length: 3 pages (848 Words)
Style: APA


Socrates as Gadfly

Philosophy is about questioning the activities taking place in the society. However, the Greek government was unnerved by Socrates’ philosophical deeds. The uncomfortable nature of the ancient government is evidenced by Socrates’ conviction and the subsequent biased judgment. On the other hand, a sting by a gadfly creates a discomfort and a reaction by the victim. Thus, Socrates’ comparison with a gadfly is justified and serves as a reminder to philosophers in the modern society to check on the performance of governments and state corporations. Philosophy is supposed to provide a solution to the problems crippling the societal development. A society without philosophers is doomed to fail due to gradual decays. Lack of accountability and poor implementation of governmental duties and obligations are signs of decay in the society. These will not happen if there is an oversight gadfly.


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