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Essay On Islam And Multiculturalism


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Title: Essay On Islam And Multiculturalism
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Islam and Multiculturalism

At its core, Islam prohibits freedom of religion. However, this freedom is considered as a core principle of multiculturalism. There are few churches in Saudi Arabia, which is home to Mecca, at the center of Islam. Additionally, Catholicism is barred from being practiced. In such areas, Islam is the only religion allowed and other Christian activities, symbols, practices, and books are forbidden. The increase in mobility today has resulted in the formulation of ‘Islam in the West.’ Consequently, this formulation suggests an encounter between two homogenizing and incompatible cultures, with Islam being viewed as more religious and the other cultures are considered as secular (Humphrey 33). Therefore, the paper reviews the meaning of multiculturalism, the Islamic perspective towards multiculturalism, and the Islamic practice in the field of multiculturalism.

Cultural diversity has been present for a long time. There existed diverse groups with different traditions, identities, dialects, and costumes in Ancient Greece. Today, societies remain culturally diverse. Under these circumstances, different countries have different linguistic backgrounds, races, and religious affiliations. In other words, many world countries are culturally diverse. For instance, Canada has a variety of cultures such as Quebecois, English Canadians, Amish, Native Americans, and Chinese immigrants. “Multiculturalism” is a term used to refer to the co-existence of different cultures. Cultures include religious, cultural, and racial groups that are manifested in cultural assumptions and values, customary behaviors, communication styles and diverse patterns of thinking. Culture is a way of life taken by the different groups, and that way of life acts as a blueprint for living that guides the group’s actions, feelings, and thoughts. Multiculturalism involves how power operates and the cultural, social, economic, and political factors that shape a person and how that person is perceived (Steinberg 3). Furthermore, multiculturalism requires that citizens accept they all belong to a country of residence regardless of their place or country of birth.   


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