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Essay On Human Rights World War 2


Content: The first paper of the Human Rights Research Project revolves around investigating the evolution of defining, protecting and promoting human rights in situations of warfare and armed conflict since WWII. Your analysis should include consideration of the following:

  1. Concepts such as war crimes and crimes against humanity
  2. Importance of the six types/categories of human rights 
  3. Relevant International Agreements - treaties, covenants, conventions, etc. 

Title: Essay On Human Rights World War 2
Length: 6 pages (1743 Words)
Style: MLA



Since the end of the Second World War, many human rights have been developed to guard against armed conflict. After this war, there was a declaration of the universal human rights that guard individuals against violations especially during wars. However, it has been a challenging task in ensuring that all countries follow the provided guidelines (Coates 23). For instance, the human rights principle of dignity and justice dictates that countries should understand each other, tolerate each other, and respect each other, thus ensuring that all legal systems in place to work towards human rights protection. However, different countries have different understanding of what the requirements mean. Therefore, despite the existence of legal systems in most countries, not all states operate within the provided guidelines.


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